Doctor Who
Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who David Venni

New Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi has been talking about his forthcoming debut as the Doctor in the eighth series of the hit BBC sci-fi.

Speaking to Empire Magazine, Capaldi revealed more about what his version of the iconic character will be like, and it sounds as though he won't be as joyful or whimsical as Matt Smith or David Tennant.

"He's more alien than he's been for a while," the former Thick of It star said. "He doesn't quite understand human beings or really care very much about their approval."

The 56-year-old actor also spoke of how important Doctor Who was to his childhood, growing up in Scotland: "Doctor Who was a part of being a kid in the '60s with The Beatles and Sunday Night At The London Palladium and smog and bronchitis and all that stuff," he enthused in Empire. "I think it's part of my DNA."

Starring alongside Capaldi is Jenna Coleman as companion Clara Oswald, and she also had lots to say about this new, darker version of the Doctor. "With Matt's Doctor [Clara] felt quite safe, really," she said.

"She knew she'd be caught if she was in danger, but this guy is a lot less human-friendly and a lot less patient. He's more removed and inaccessible. You can't quite access him in the same way."

The magazine feature also includes new photos of Capaldi and Coleman taken by David Venni, one of which you can see above.

Series 8 of Doctor Who starts on BBC One on 23 August.