Dogs in a US animal sanctuary
Dogs in a US animal sanctuary Getty

An animal shelter in Tennessee has been forced to raise money for security cameras after someone broke in and forced two dogs to fight. Volunteers arrived at the Best Friends Sanctuary in Jamestown to find that two dogs, Sam and Bucky, had been locked in a cage together and were covered in wounds and blood.

"They look in your eyes, and he's still breathing, but [there's] blood everywhere," the shelter's president, Sharon Cravens, told local TV station WATE. Staff believe that someone climbed over the sanctuary's fence, opened Sam's cage, and locked her in with Bucky.

Shelter treasurer Brenda Goett told the Huffington Post that the animals may have been drugged. "There was vomit in the cages. Their eyes were dilated," she said.

One of the animals, Bucky, had to be put down following the incident due to its injuries, while Sam recovered and is in good health, said staff. The volunteer run, non-profit organisation is now trying to raise $4,000 to install security cameras.

"It's a shame we'll have to spend that $4,000 on equipment when the same money could neuter 80 dogs, or feed hundreds," Goett told the Huffington Post. "We will carry on. We have to. There is no [one] else to do it for the animals."