A slip of the tongue? Perhaps, but Donald Trump on Wednesday (10 January) became the butt of military jokes when he appeared to make up a type of fighter plane.

Trump was speaking at the White House alongside Norwegian Prime Minster Erna Solberg to announce a military deal between their countries.

It was announced that Norway would be purchasing 52 models of the F-35 Lightning fighter jets from the American aerospace giant Lockeed Martin.

But during a joint press conference with Solberg Trump said that the US would be selling Norway F-52 jets. His slip was quickly picked up on by military experts.

Some people on social media noted that the F-52 is a fictional aircraft from the video game Call of Duty.

Mike Matson on Twitter said: "Selling F-52's to Norway. Now they can dominate Call of Duty."

Sulema Marie wrote that she wished that Trump would "start reading documents set before him".

The events went viral online after the White House released Trump's schedule which said that he would be meeting the prime minister of "Normay" rather than Norway.

Social media users were quick to pick up on the fact that it was not the first time that either Trump or the White House have had issues with country names.

Last year, he repeatedly described Namibia as "Nambia."

Along with the 52 aircraft, three of which were delivered last year, Solberg announced that she would also be purchasing new submarines and other military investments.