Donald Trump continues to insist on voter fraud in the 2020 United States presidential elections, months after leaving the White House. He discussed these issues again when he invited Michael Wolff, who has already written two scathing books about his presidency, to interview him and have dinner with him and his wife Melania Trump at their Florida residence Mar-a-Lago.

''That guy gets ratings, let's see him," the former US President said when an aide informed him that the author was working on a third book, titled "Landslide," about him. Wolff tells The Daily Mail about their dinner at the Palm Springs resort, "I sat with him for several hours and was invited to dinner. It was mindboggling, it was like we were best friends."

During the visit, Trump told Wolff about his thoughts on his books about his presidency, ''These books you write were very mean and very wrong, but I don't blame you, I blame my people.''

According to Wolff, the former POTUS still lives in "a separate reality" in which last year's election was stolen from him with voter fraud. The author recalled, "He could hardly talk about anything else. He spins these numbers, which change constantly, and goodness knows where he gets them from."

In addition, the businessman is convinced that his successor Joe Biden will not be able to complete his four-year term at the White House due to his health. Wolff revealed, "He believes that Biden won't survive his term because he is too old. He keeps talking about Biden having Alzheimer's and he is convinced that Harris will be the Democratic candidate in 2024 and it will be no contest."

"He doesn't believe there is any chance that Kamala could beat him — but then, he thought that Joe Biden would be no threat. That is why, in his mind, the election must have been stolen, because there is no way he could possibly have been beaten by Biden," the author noted.

Trump has made it clear on several occasions that he is planning to run for the office again, and Wolff notes that the only reason he may change his mind would be if his health fails between now and 2024.

President donald Trump and Melania Trump
President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, listen to the US national anthem during the third night of the Republican National Convention Photo: AFP / SAUL LOEB