Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has told CBS's Face the Nation: "I do have much more humility than a lot of people would think." Trump, who has the edge in the race for the Republican nomination in Iowa, also defended his decision to back out of the last Republican presidential debate hosted by Fox News. "I was treated very, very badly, they issued a statement that was an inappropriate statement, now what happened since then, they have been very, very nice," Trump said.

He said his decision to instead host an event to raise money for veterans was "more important frankly". Trump also said: "We have to be unpredictable, whether it's battle, whether it's war, whether it's finance."

He also took aim at rival Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, saying, "I am a tough guy to make a deal with, I'm a deal maker, but we have to make deals. When I see Ted Cruz standing in the Senate, and nobody else is with him, he's standing all by himself... I can understand how a radio show host would say, 'isn't that wonderful' – [but] you are not going to get anything done."