Trump Isis
Latest Isis video features Donald Trump and news footage of the Brussels attacks Screengrab

Islamic State (Isis) has released a new video celebrating the Brussels attacks, in which 31 people were killed in suicide bombings in the city's airport and a metro station. The video, which was published on social media, opens with news footage of the Brussels attacks, and features a clip of an interview with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, whose controversial calls to temporarily ban Muslims from the US in response to the terror threat have drawn widespread criticism.

"Brussels was one of the great cities, it was one of the most beautiful cities of the world 20 years ago, it was amazing actually, and safe," says Trump.

"Now it's a horror show, it's an absolute horror show."

IS claimed responsibility for the attacks on the Belgian capital in a statement released on Tuesday (22 March). Militants believed to be connected to the Isis cell that carried out the 13 November Paris attacks are believed to be responsible for the bombings, which have also left more than 300 people injured.

Over battlefield footage of Isis fighters, a song in the film calls on supporters of the group to "rise up" and "go for jihad". In the film, a militant speaking in Arabic, with subtitles in English, claims: "The crusader jets including the Belgian are still bombing the Muslims in Iraq and the Levant day and night killing women, children, old and destroying mosques and schools" and defines waging jihad against "unbelievers" as a duty of Muslims.

It features footage of two of the Belgian militants involved in the Paris attacks.