A video has emerged which shows Donald Trump Jr catching a blacktip shark and pulling it on to the beach for photos, before releasing the animal back into the sea.

The son of the US president was fishing in Palm Beach, Florida, with his two sons Donnie and Spencer.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by BlacktipH Fishing, a Florida-based extreme fishing show that shares videos of people catching "monster fish".

In the film, Trump pulls on an oversized fishing pole at the edge of a beach, while a fisherman runs out and pulls in the shark Trump snagged.

After posing with it for several pictures, Trump hauls the shark back into the water and celebrates with the other fishermen and video crew.

Trump posted a photo of his catch on Instagram, with the caption: "This is what happens when momma lets the boys loose in Florida for a few days... Shh don't tell her. #parentgoals".

"Amazing morning with Donnie, Spencer, and my buddy @blacktiph. This is one of half dozen Blacktip sharks (ALL CATCH AND RELEASE) we had on, 2 of which were attacked by a huge hammerhead (800+ pounds) all right off the beach. Insane day on the water."

Comments underneath the photo have pointed out the cruelty in catching and releasing sharks.

"I know its a catch and release but I think you should have kept that photo to yourself because most of us are only seeing the exploitive side of the sport. I hope the shark is now safe," one social media user wrote.

Another posted: "Even catch & release traumatizes the shark take up a different sport that doesn't involve abusing animals!"