There was a time when Donald Trump couldn't go for a day without expressing his opinions on Twitter. However, things have reportedly drastically changed since then.

According to a recent report in the Sunday Times, Donald Trump is "much happier" after his exit from the social media platform. Twitter had permanently suspended the account of the former US President after the deadly riots at the Capitol in Washington D.C. on January 6, citing the "risk of further incitement of violence."

Jason Miller, a former campaign strategist for Trump and his trusted aide, told the outlet that this is the first time in years he has seen the businessman "truly relaxed" even though he is about to face an impeachment trial.

"Only 45 other people in US history have experienced what it is like to have the world on their shoulders... and to be able to exhale, knowing that it's not all on you for the first time in four years," Miller said.

Trump had 88 million followers on Twitter before his account was taken down, but he is reportedly glad about it. "He's said that not being on social media, and not being subject to the hateful echo chamber that social media too frequently becomes, has actually been good," Miller said.

The political adviser added that Trump's wife Melania has also noticed the change in his behaviour. He said: "That's something the first lady has backed up as well. She has said she loves it, that he's much happier and is enjoying himself much more."

Miller also gave an inside detail on the Trump family's silent exit from the White House. The former spokesman of Trump, who accompanied the family aboard Air Force One after they left the Oval Office, told the outlet that the former POTUS was in "very good mood upon leaving and there were some very tender moments with his family."

"It was fun to have a front-row seat for that. The emotions ran the entire gamut. Some folks were very sad this day had come, but there was a sense of pride that this was the single most successful first term in US presidential history," he said.

Miller also revealed that Trump is confident he will be acquitted in the upcoming impeachment trial against him that is set to begin from February 9. The 74-year-old is the only president to face such a process twice.

"There is no real scenario in which he is going to be convicted, so the pressure is completely off," Miller said.

Donald and Melania Trump
US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump (pictured December 5, 2020 at a rally in Valdosta, Georgia) both contracted the coronavirus weeks before the November 3, 2020 presidential election Photo: AFP / Andrew CABALLERO-REYNOLDS