Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has reached out to African-American voters, promising a "new deal" for black people whom he claimed had been "forgotten" by the Democrats.

Trump made his comments during a speech in North Carolina, one of the country's swing states, in which he attempted to appeal to African-American voters who, over the past half a century, have overwhelmingly voted Democrat.

"I have a message for all the doubters in Washington: America's future belongs to the dreamers, not the cynics and not the critics," the GOP nominee said in comments carried by The Hill.

"African-American citizens have sacrificed so much for our nation. They fought and died in every war since the Revolution and from the pews and the picket lines, they've lifted up the conscience of our country in the long march for civil rights. Yet too many African-Americans have been left behind."

Trump has previously attempted to appeal to black voters by suggesting Democrats are only interested in issues affecting African Americans during election season.

However, Trump also raised eyebrows when, during the final presidential debate, he equated African Americans with inner cities, crime and low-income neighbourhoods.

The new "deal is grounded in three promises: safe communities, great education, and high-paying jobs," Trump said, during his speech.

"Whether you vote for me or not, I will be your greatest champion. We live in a very divided country and I will be your greatest champion."

The GOP nominee is fighting to gain ground with just over two weeks to go until polling day, and with the latest national polling data showing Clinton up to 14 points ahead of Trump.

However, Trump is seeing a slight bump, after several weeks of poor showing in the polls following well-publicised scandals, which included claims of abuse and the release of footage of Trump making lewd comments about women.