US President Donald Trump will meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday, (17 March) at the White House for the first time since Trump assumed office. The meeting could shape the working relationship between the two countries and future of the transatlantic alliance.

Among other issues, the leaders are expected to discuss funding for North Atlantic Treaty Organization in the meeting.

Merkel, unlike Britain's Theresa May, bided her time to meet with Trump and reportedly worked on a plan to influence his 'America first' policies and his willingness to disrupt the world order.

She is also likely to put pressure on Trump to support a strong European Union and a commitment to fight climate change.

The German Chancellor had an affable working relationship with former president Barack Obama and is likely to seek strong ties with Trump.

Juergen Hardt, a legislator who helps co-ordinate transatlantic ties for the government of Germany, told Reuters: "Those who know the chancellor know that she has a knack for winning over people in personal discussions. I am sure that Donald Trump will not be immune."

Josef Janning, the head of the Berlin office of the European Council on Foreign Relations was quoted as saying Deutsche Welle: "Regarding American politics it has never been as complicated as it is now."

"One of her interests is to get at least a good enough verbal commitment of the new president to the G20 process and to the idea of addressing issues through cooperative structures."

Trump is expected to talk about European countries taking more responsibility of paying for the Nato alliance. He will also ask for her advice on dealing with Russian President Vladimir Putin, a senior administration official said.

As a presidential candidate, Trump had harsh words for Merkel regarding her policies to allow thousands of refugees into Germany. The chancellor has criticised Trump's travel ban on people from Muslim-majority countries.

The meeting, which was initially set for Tuesday, (14 March) was postponed due to a snowstorm that hit the northeastern United States.

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President Barack Obama waves during a welcoming ceremony at Herrenhausen Palace accompanied by German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Obama's first day of a two-day trip to Germany Michael Ukas/ Getty Images