Donald Trump has made a number of bizarre suggestions to the Academy Awards to increase their ratings, which includes not being so "politically correct" and "boring."

The former United States President issued a detailed statement on Tuesday, two days after the 2021 Oscars was held at the Los Angeles Union Station, and made it clear that he didn't like this show just like he didn't like the last one. "What used to be called The Academy Awards, and now is called the 'Oscars' —a far less important and elegant name—had the lowest Television Ratings in recorded history, even much lower than last year, which set another record low," the statement read.

The former POTUS warned the award show that its ratings will only get worse if they keep with the "current ridiculous formula," and suggested that they should go back to the methods that were previously used. He also suggested that the name of the award show should be changed from Oscars to the Academy Awards, even though the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences never made any such modification and still refers to them as the Academy Awards.

"Go back 15 years, look at the formula they then used, change the name back to THE ACADEMY AWARDS, don't be so politically correct and boring, and do it right. ALSO, BRING BACK A GREAT HOST," he said.

The 75-year-old claimed that the "television people" now spend all their time thinking about how to promote his rival Democratic party and bring Conservatives and Republicans down. "That formula certainly hasn't worked very well for The Academy!" he added.

This is not the first time that Trump has expressed his dislike for the Oscars. After the Academy Awards voted the South Korean film "Parasite" as the best picture last year, making it the first foreign-language film to be awarded the honour, the decision did not go down well with the then President.

"What the hell was that all about? We've got enough problems with South Korea with trade. On top of that, they give them best movie of the year. Was it good? I don't know," he said at a political rally in February last year.

His latest rant comes after it was revealed that the award ceremony garnered only 10.4 million viewers this time, its lowest ever. While some claim that the political statements made at the event caused the low viewership, others argue that the reduced popularity of the nominees led by the lack of moviegoing due to the coronavirus pandemic is the reason behind it, reports Deadline.

US President Donald Trump is not a fan of Oscar best picture winner 'Parasite'
US President Donald Trump reveals at a rally in Colarado that he is not a fan of Oscar best picture winner 'Parasite' and best supporting actor winner Brad Pitt. JIM WATSON/AFP