Billionaire businessman Donald Trump has had yet another embarrassing Twitter moment after being tricked into tweeting a picture of Fred and Rose West for being their "inspiration".

In yet another example of Trump tweeting self-praise to his 2.6 million followers, it appears he needs to brush up on his knowledge on notorious killers before doing so again in the future.

The tycoon felt it necessary to retweet a post from @Feckhead who claimed the murders were his parents who recently passed away and that Trump was a "big inspiration" for them.

Despite many of his followers jumping on the mistake to ridicule him for doing so, Trump did not delete the tweet straight away and it remained on his timeline for 40 minutes.

This is not the first time Trump's vanity has got in the way of facts. Earlier this year, the business tycoon retweeted a quote which was attributed to him that he never said from a book he never wrote.

The tweet from David Roth, which said: "'I was never one who looked at success as bad. For me, success was always good. I loved it, and still do.' - Donald Trump, WINNING, pg. 27" was part of a series of tweets mocking Trump.

However, Trump chose this one to retweet, appearing not even to notice he has never written a book called WINNING and that quote certainly did not appear on page 27.

Trump also frequently retweets people who suggest he should run for president of the United States, one time mistakenly doing it when the tweet was jokingly suggesting A-Team star Mr T should be elected.