Support for President Donald Trump's impeachment among voters is rising, a Politico/Morning Consul poll revealed. Voters are increasingly in favour of impeaching Trump even if they do not believe the president has committed "high crimes and misdemeanours".

The poll, released on 31 May, found that 43% of voters want Congress to bring impeachment proceedings, up from 38% the previous week.

Meanwhile, the pollster Gallup's daily tracking of Trump's approval rating, which runs with a three-day average, had it at just 37% on 5 June, while 57% of Americans disapproved of the president.

"If President Trump was hoping his foreign trip would shift the conversation away from scandals, he may be out of luck," Morning Consult co-founder and chief research officer Kyle Dropp said. "Over the last week, support for beginning impeachment proceedings among voters rose from 38% to 43%."

However, 45% of voters do not want Congress to impeach Trump, down from 46% the week before, according to the Morning Consult survey. Three US presidents have faced legitimate impeachment threats, Politico noted.

The poll found that support for impeaching the president stems from political considerations, not a belief that Trump is actually guilty of impeachable offences.

Of those supporting impeachment, 54% said they believe Trump "has proven he is unfit to serve and should be removed from office, regardless of whether he committed an impeachable offence or not". Another 43% believe Trump has committed an impeachable offence, such as treason, bribery or obstruction of justice.

A majority of Democratic voters, 71%, support Congress impeaching Trump, while most Republican voters, 76%, do not support impeachment.

While support for Trump's impeachment gains ground, his approval rating continues to fall. Morning Consult found that Trump's approval ratings had stabilised at around 45%, though other polls from both sides of the aisle show otherwise.

Analysis by FiveThirtyEight placed Trump's approval rating at 39.1%, while his disapproval rating hits 54.8%. Meanwhile, Fox News reported that Trump's approval rating was just 40%. Fox News's analysis revealed that two key demographics, white voters and Americans without a college degree, were less supportive of Trump's performance.