President-elect Donald Trump is enjoying a boost in popularity, with his approval rating up by almost 20% a month after his victory in the 8 November presidential election.

The Republican has won the approval of 50% of people surveyed, who now believe he will do a good job as president, compared to just 33% of people surveyed back in August.

The Bloomberg poll also found the majority of people were unconcerned with the Republican's apparent U-turn on issues including his pledge to jail Hillary Clinton and temporarily ban Muslims from entering the US.

When asked by the survey, conducted for Bloomberg by Selzer and Co from 2-5 December, if it was true that Trump had broken his promises, 73% of people responded they were fine with the president-elect making adjustments to his proposals, while 20% said they believed he was breaking his promises.

The majority of people surveyed also said they felt Trump would put the US first when dealing with foreign leaders, prioritising the country over his business interests— although two thirds also thought the Republican should choose whether he wants to be the president or continue as a businessman.

The popularity increase to 50% comes at a time when most newly-elected leaders enjoy a surge in approval, but Trump has not achieved the popularity enjoyed by Barack Obama ahead of his inauguration in 2009, when a Gallup poll showed him at a 79% popularity rating.

Trump equally still has a way to go to win over the other 50% of the population, with challenges still coming from states including Florida, where several voters have sued for a vote recount.