The big and beautiful wall that Donald Trump is promising could be built with bricks of ignorance – and paid for by Americans with their taxes. With a speech loaded with religious symbolism, President Trump pretended to be a messianic leader to secure power. By being stubborn and authoritarian, he is stepping further away from ever being a leader of the future.

He's been quite open that this almost divine power will make America great again by the magical measures that he's proposing. Among them is the construction of the f**king wall – this idea has become an obsession and is damaging the historic and friendly relationship between Mexico and the United States.

Mexico has been and will keep on being the target of the new president. He's said we're criminals, rapists, killers.

The "Wall of Stubbornness" is the symbol of everything that the new administration intends to do with what they do not understand: isolate it, get it out, throw it away like trash. Trump has proven this by how he treats the media, refusing to answer questions and undermining journalists in general.

Mexican migration to the US is the lowest since the 1960s. Our paisanos are coming home! But the 33.5 millions Mexicans living in the US represent 8% of the GDP, that means 600 thousand million USD (480 thousand million pounds. In places like California, Mexicans represent 12% of the GDP. In fishing and agriculture, Mexican labour represents 16% of the GDP. President Trump says he'll create jobs, but it's the migrants who are entrepreneurs. According to data from the Partnership for a New American Economy: one in each 10 Hispanic migrants start a business in the US.

Trump's mental wall idea has been fostered by ignorance, and it is of course likely that it would cause more harm, taking American companies down along the way. Six million American jobs depend on trade with Mexico. Even if he says that The North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) is a bad deal for the US, it's China which has the largest deficit with the US. The US goods trade deficit with Mexico was $58bn in 2015. The US goods trade deficit with China was $366bn in 2015. According to data from November 2016, the US has a deficit of 134 thousand millions USD with the European Union, double the deals of Nafta combined.

In previous days, several agriculture companies have signed a petition to handle Nafta negotiations with strategy and caution. If President Trump doesn't listen to me, because I'm Mexican, he should at least listen his own American business fellows.

Trump has had a rough start; one day after inauguration, the streets were filled by hundreds of thousands of protesters with different messages and demands. The numbers of these protests have been seen all across the globe. And more are to come. American citizens have spoken out loud, demanding what they consider fair: respect their rights.

Hear them, Mr, President! Donald, you cannot put a wall in front of all the voices that demand a united world.

At the end of the day, a peaceful and prosperous Mexico is beneficial to both nations. The grass isn't greener here, if it isn't nourished from across the border. Let's build bridges, not walls!

Vicente Fox was president of Mexico from 2000-2006