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In a shocking incident, an alcohol company was caught distributing free drinks in return for blood from British students.

Several teenagers were apparently seen assembled at the temporary blood bank to donate the blood, and in return they were given a free Turbo shandy, a strong mix of 4 percent alcoholic lemonade and lager, according to the Sun.

Photographs of the entire episode were found on the company's Facebook profile, which shows company representatives distributing Turbo drinks to the students.

A Facebook group has publicised the event at a church in Leeds saying, "Do something good and we'll reward you! If you're in LEEDS on FRIDAY 25th November head down to Armley Methodists Church (LS12 3TL) from 2.30pm and GIVE BLOOD! Groups of 4 or more who donate blood will receive a free Case of TURBO SHANDY (offer is limited, so be quick!) pls repost to book your free booze!"

According to the Sun, the message is put together with a mockup of the Lord Kitchener poster, the iconic recruitment picture of the First World War.The students were asked to sign up online before they went for blood donation, and they were provided with alcohol outside the blood bank.

Interestingly, this event was launched after a government report said the number of alcohol-related deaths was on the rise, especially among those under 30 years.

Consultants have written an open letter to the government, urging them to implement strict limits on alcohol advertisements to protect youngsters. They have warned the government about the fatal liver diseases caused by the consumption of cheap alcoholic drinks.

A spokesman for NHS Blood and Transplant was quoted by Daily Star saying, "We do not welcome or condone this. We were not involved in any way and did not give permission for the promoters to attend the session.The clear fact is that alcohol and giving blood do not mix."

In addition, Turbo Drinks, a Cumbrian-based company, has been posting tweets on twitter, saying: "No more messy mixing it yourself....but you still have a messy night out!"

Meanwhile, company's spokesperson Nigel Tarn confessed that the promotion strategy had been a big error of judgment.

According to the Daily Mail, he said: "We employ numerous freelance staff and require them to create their own promotions. One of them naively thought that by doing the promotion they would be highlighting the shortage of blood and ensuring new donors. We now recognize this to have been in poor taste and have terminated the campaign."