It has been nine years since "Dota" was released in 2013, and fans of the multiplayer video game are understandably excited by now about its upcoming instalment. Here's what we know about the next game, including the "Dota 3" release date, system requirements, and other speculations.

'Dota 3' Release Date

Considering that it's been more than nine years since "Dota 2" was launched, players are definitely looking forward to any updates about the next instalment of the series. However, there is no confirmation from the developing team that the title is being developed, so it is highly unlikely that they will announce a "Dota 3" release date anytime soon.

While the team has not made any official statement about the game, there are a few rumours swirling around. For instance, some rumours say that "Dota 3" will be announced in 2022, but it is not an official statement, and it's impossible to verify its authenticity.

Epic Games Exclusivity?

While there is no official confirmation from developers at this point, something happened in 2020 that seems to suggest otherwise. Epic Games announced that "Dota 3" will launch exclusively on the Epic Games Store, PCGamesN reported.

Fans were eventually disappointed when "Dota 3" did not release that year. In a press release, Valve Software's Gabe Newell accused developers of "taking his pre-order money" when they "were quietly negotiating an exclusivity arrangement behind the scenes."

"We need to put an end to these kinds of exclusives," Newell said. "It's not good for the industry. What is good for the industry is releasing every game on Steam, constantly, until the end of time – especially our games!"

A former member of the developer team admitted that they tried to get exclusivity deals as they'll get more money out of it. "I recognise that it may not be convenient for some people to install an extra launcher, but it turns out that it's quite convenient for me to have the extra cash," he said.

While the attempted exclusivity deal did not materialize, fans of the franchise can opt to view the whole thing positively. The fact that developers have been quarrelling about the "Dota 3" exclusivity can be viewed as an indirect confirmation that the next instalment of the series is indeed in development.

'Dota 3' System Requirements Predictions

Since the game has not yet been officially announced by its developers, there is no official minimum system requirements at this point. However, various industry experts have put forth what they predict the minimum requirements would be for PC gamers.

For instance, one prediction is that the CPU must be at least an i3 5th Gen, a minimum RAM of 8 GB, Windows 8 or Windows 10 operating system, 30 GB storage, and an Nvidia GeForce 8600 for its graphics processing unit (GPU).

Dota 2 International TI
The Dota 2 International in 2015. Reuters