It's going to be a difficult road ahead for Lady Edith!

Downton Abbey Season 5 will be particularly difficult for Lady Edith after having a baby outside of wedlock.

The cast and executive producer Gareth Neame spoke to reporters about Season 5 in a PBS Downton Abbey panel held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles.

According to the producers, Lady Edith, played by Laura Carmichael, will struggle to decide what to do with her child; she will not find comfort from her close ones, reported The Independent.

Michelle Dockery, who plays Edith's sister in the show said, "Mary doesn't know Edith has a daughter. So Edith certainly won't get any sympathy from her unknowing sister."

Even though the two ladies share some tense moments on screen, they have fun doing such scenes.

"Mary's mean to Edith especially in this season, me and Laura love it when they're mean to each other, it's more fun to do."

As Edith will be wallowing in her own miseries, Mary on the other hand is supposed to become more positive as she rises from the death of her husband Matthew.

"She's embracing her new life, really," Dockery said.

"She's through the grief now and I kind of see Season 5 as the new Mary," the actress added.

She's got a bit of her bite back, which we had in Season 1."

Tom Branson and Lady Mary more than just in-laws?

Responding to Tom Branson and Lady Mary's love rumours, Michelle Dockery and Allen Leech said their characters are not falling in love as of now.

While talking to a TV Critics' panel on Tuesday, the actors said they find it "very funny" that some fans are hoping for a romantic pairing for in-laws, reported EpochTimes.

Both characters have lost their spouses and have become good friends in their grief.

"Their friendship has really grown," said Dockery, who reminded the viewers that at one point her character couldn't grasp the idea of her sister marrying a chauffeur.

In Season 5 of the British drama, that bond will strengthen as they will work together to preserve their country estate.

"They're after the same thing for 'Downton.' Sustainability," said Leech.

"You definitely get the idea they get together on a united front with the idea of making sure 'Downton' is going to be around."

It's not all business though, says Dockery, who says they're also "both looking for love."

"But not with each other," quipped Leech.

Downton Abbey will premiere on January 4 for Season 5.

Check out a short teaser for Season 5, below.