Julian Fellowes, the creator of the famous "Downtown Abbey" series, will make a new television mini-series on the tragic story of the HMS Titanic.

The series will be launched to mark the centenary of the ill-fated ship's accident and be produced by ITV.

"Downton was a training ground for this. I mean, there was this one guy who was attacking the James Cameron movie, and the main base of his attack was that Cameron had the wrong lights lit in the hull. Well, I mean, hello? People make it their life, I suppose, and good luck to them. We've tried to be as accurate as we can, but I have absolutely no doubt there will be people who come out and say, 'Oh, the Gatti restaurant was this colour,' or something," Fellowes said in an interview with The Sunday Times Culture magazine.

Fellowes is excited about doing a series on historical aspects of the ship's disaster.

"People only care about that stuff when you have a hit. If Titanic manages to arouse passionate feelings about this, that or the other, then probably it means the show has landed," The Telegraph quoted him as saying.