david kelly
Dr David Kelly was the weapons inspector for the government who later commited suicide after his name was revealed to the press Reuters

The Hutton Inquiry, which looked into the surroundings of the death of the weapons inspector, Dr David Kelly, will not be reopened.

A retired orthopaedic surgeon, David Halpin, was one of a group of doctors campaigning for a new inquest but were refused permission to bring a High Court challenge over the Attorney General's decision to not back a new inquest into the death of Dr Kelly.

The Government weapons inspector died in July 2003, aged 59, and was judged to have committed suicide in a report published by Lord Hutton following a public inquiry.

Lord Hutton rejected claims that his report amounted to a "whitewash".

There were cries of "shame" and "this is not justice" from members of the public as the decision was announced.

Later Mr Halpin said outside court: "I am disappointed but the decision is not a surprise.

"Dr Kelly's death has not been investigated properly. There has been no inquest.

"The Hutton inquiry had more holes than a Gruyere cheese."