Move over war drones, surveillance drones and camera drones. Make way for model drones. That's who presented a line-up of courture on the first-ever presentation of its kind in San Francisco at the debut of Silicon Valley's Fashion Week.

The human-less runway show featured aluminum drones floating down the catwalk as they hoisted the latest fashions.

"Drones are lovely," Chris Lindland, CEO of online clothing company Betabrand and founder of Silicon Valley Fashion Week, told Mashable. He teamed up with the San Francisco-based Game of Drones, a collective of artists, inventors, robot builder and video producers, which provided all of the metal models. "Drone-flown clothing flutters beautifully in the prop wash and floats down the runway like a ghost," Lindland noted.

Game of Drones founder and CEO Marque Cornblatt believes the event heralds the next creative wave for the tiny machines.

"Two years ago we were playing with our robots in something like a fight club," he says. "Today, I see that there's so much potential for them: advertising in parks, marketing at baseball games and, of course, fashion. Slowly but surely, drones are going into the mainstream."

Lindland quipped to Mashable: "They require far less food than average models — none, in fact. In a few years, we predict they'll become sentient, turn into fashion divas ... then kill us all."