Gwynevere Merkau Daniel Brajon
Palm Spring residents Gwynevere Merkau, 31, and Daniel Brajon, 26, were arrested for allegedly neglecting their three-year-old and one-year-old children. Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

A drug-addict couple was found by police living with a three-year-old boy who couldn't speak and a girl whose birth had never been registered. Gwynevere Merkau, 31, and Daniel Brajon, 26, from Palm Springs, Florida, were charged with child neglect on 3 September.

Their apartment was caked in with bird faeces and drug paraphernalia was on display. The police said they found the couple living with a one-year-old child who was not registered because Merkau gave birth to her in the bathtub and never took her to hospital.

A three-year-old boy who grunts when he needs food or water, because he has never been taught to speak, was also found in the apartment. The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office added that he appears to have behavioural issues, and bites and kicks when he is touched.

According to the police, both children were found wearing soiled diapers with filth underneath their fingernails and on the bottom of their feet. The officers also said the apartment was full of ashtrays filled to the brim with ashes.

When police questioned Brajon about the one-year-old child he allegedly said that Merkau had woken him one morning to say that she was going into labour. Thinking it would take many hours before the baby was born, he told her to go back to sleep. When Brajon woke up later he stated he found Merkau in the bathtub sitting in four inches of water and about to give birth, according to the Orlando SunSentinel newspaper. Brajon stated that he cut the umbilical chord using scissors, but without clamps.

Brajon allegedly admitted to being addicted to crack and being a regular user of marijuana. He said Merkau was was addicted to heroin.

The couple are now in Palm Beach County Jail, after failing to raise a $12,000 bond, charged with child abuse and child neglect. The two children have been placed in a foster home.