An attacker who stabbed a man and bit his ear off has been sentenced to more than ten years in prison, according to local media.

Raging Michael Probert, 37, carried out the attack as he was angry over the way the victim, David Waller, had behaved towards Probert's ex-girlfriend.

Probert travelled to Waller's house in Norton on 23 May. When the victim opened the door, Probert stabbed him in the back with a steak knife and bit off the top part of his left year.

"You are going to die here tonight,"Probert reportedly screamed during the attack. He is also believed to have told the police: "I'd happily do 20 years for him" when he was arrested.

Probert admitted to carrying out the attack, explaining during an interview with authorities that the assault took place "over an issue of his former partner", Gazzette Live reported.

Probert was sentenced to ten years and five months in prison at the at Teesside Crown Court on Thursday (3 August). He pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm with intent and possessing a knife.

Walker, who was in the courtroom as the sentencing took place, said he needs four operations following the attack.

"I heard a woman's voice saying 'keep talking', the police are on the way," he explained, recalling moments after the attack. "This has left me vulnerable and in shock," he continued.

A witness, who detained the attacker until police arrived at the scene, said in court he saw Waller covered in blood.

Duncan McReddie, defending, said Probert was sorry for his actions.

"He is sorry for what he has done, he has a full appreciation of the seriousness of the level of the assault," McReddie said.

"He had been drinking before the incident and there was a longstanding history of the difficulties between the two families.

"I don't intend to go into that. The history had been preying on his mind for an extremely long time compounded with other stresses including the loss of a toddler causing him to take extreme measures," he continued.

The judge added: "Clearly there was a long history between you and your victim. It was on any view a sustained attack, you inflicted a stab wound and you bit part of his ear off and there was blood spattered on the walls."