The economic crisis of 2009 forced foreigners in Dubai to flee the country, afraid of being stuck in "debt prisons". Most of those were so panic-stricken they left behind most of their larger and less easily transported belongings, such as expensive supercars, at the Dubai airport.

These expensive sets of wheels have now caught the government's attention and a decision has been taken to auction them off. According to the National, the cars are usually auctioned off in batches - not as individual vehicles - as a way of recouping unpaid fines. However, what really caught the attention of enthusiasts was the potential sale of a Ferrari Enzo valued at more than £600,000. Unfortunately for automobile enthusiasts, the Enzo is evidence in certain reported crimes.

Therefore, it will not be auctioned until the case has been settled. Needless to add, the owner apparently has considerable amounts of parking fines due as well.

"The one Ferrari Enzo and the regular Ferrari are required by Interpol. So, the nine cars are not for sale. We have received many calls from traders - Britons, Americans, Russians and Indians want to buy the Ferrari Enzo, worth about a $1 million, after a report published by Emirates 24|7 on luxury cars seized at the General Directorate of Traffic in Dubai. He said the cars on Interpol notice are usually stolen from another country. They shall not be disposed of, except in accordance with procedures specified in coordination between the real owner of the car, Interpol and the Interior Ministry in the UAE," Captain Khalid Al Kamal told Emirates 247.

"We were all day figuring out where it was and when. We called everybody. It was very hard to get information. We were going around to all the police offices trying to find out where it was. We are not in the car business unlike other people here. We came from work and thought we'd get a quick bargain," a disappointed Lebanese car enthusiast told the National. Another buyer, Essam Mohammed Sobhi, was also disappointed the Ferrari was not there for auction.

"I asked Dubai Police and they told me the Enzo was not in the auction. I usually buy luxury cars and have Range Rovers, Aston Martins for sale already. The price was nice. I checked the cars already. Most of the cars I bought are Japanese," he said.

The Ferrari Enzo is one of the fastest and most expensive cars in the world. Some of the other luxury cars at the auction were a Toyota Prado, a Dodge Charger and some Aston Martins and BMWs.