Dubai Metro Line
Two men have been jailed for one month for dressing up as women at a Dubai metro station Getty

Two Filipino men have been jailed in Dubai for dressing as women at one of the Emirate's metro stations.

The cross-dressers were caught at the Muslim state's Al Rigga station wearing woman's clothes including a bra, and carrying handbags containing make-up.

A police officer became suspicions of the pair, aged 34 and 44, and asked to see their ID. It was to his shock that he then realised the 'women' were in fact men during the incident in March, 7daysinDubai reported.

The officer took the men to to Muraqabbat Police Station where they described a life wearing women's clothes, with both saying they had been cross-dressing since an early age.

"I was with my friend in the station, we were on our way home from work," the 44-year-old defendant said.

"It was 9pm and the policeman stopped us. I was wearing a white blouse and blue unisex jeans. I was wearing women's shoes and a bra and had my hair in a ponytail."

He added: "I've worn women's clothes since I was 10 and I used to use hormone injections to enlarge my breasts. I'm not homosexual, I just like to dress like a woman."

The 34-year-old, who is a clothes designer, was wearing a blouse, jeans, silver shoes and was carrying a blue handbag containing make-up.

He said: "I've been wearing women's clothes since I was eight. We didn't do anything wrong and didn't cause problems at the metro station."

They were sentenced at the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours to one month in jail before being deported, but both have appealed the verdict.

A hearing has been set for later this month.