Hannah Brown and professional partner Alan Bersten were crowned the winner of "Dancing With the Stars" Season 28 winners and awarded the most coveted Mirrorball trophy. The pair and their fans were delighted with the verdict. However, there is one member of the DWTS family who looked less than pleased.

According to People, one of the camera recordings suggests that "DWTS" host Erin Andrews had a reserved reaction to the announcement and fans felt that she was not impressed with the results. Twitter exploded with criticism towards Andrews.

Soon after, Andrews took to social media website to defend herself and express her delight for the winning duo.

"Give me a break," she wrote on her Twitter account as a response to fans who claimed that she did not look happy with the outcome of DWTS season 28. "YOU CAN'T WIN IN THIS SITUATION. I'm standing next to the couple that just got second place. And if I had cheered, you'd be killing me for going against the Kel, Lauren, and Ally. Not that serious people!"

Responding to another Twitter user's criticism, which was deleted later, Andrews exclaimed that her position restricts her from showing any kind of reaction. She tried to explain how important it is for her to maintain a neutral demeanour.

"Ahahahah you don't get it. In this day and age, we can't say a thing. You'll get killed no matter what. I have to look dead into the camera bc people are threatening you don't like a contestant. Sad, taken the fun out of it! Cheers!" she wrote.

#TeamAlanbamaHannah are our CHAMPS! Roll tide, baby. ❤️🎉 @hannahbrown @Dance10Alan #DWTSFinale #DWTS pic.twitter.com/TQTF3TOWKc

— Dancing with the Stars (@DancingABC) November 26, 2019

Brown claimed victory after 11 weeks of tough competition and beat three other finalists— Ally Brooke, Lauren Alaina and Kel Mitchell—in the finale. The "Bachelorette" star featured as leading lady in the reality dating show's recent season 23. She made her first appearance during "The Bachelor" season 15.

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Meanwhile, Brown's social media exploded with congratulatory messages from fans and celebrities. In response, she posted a picture of her with her pro partner showcasing her joy for winning DWTS Season 28.

"I knew it was going to be hard, but it's been harder than I've ever imagined, but it has made this victory such an amazing win," she says. "I'm just grateful for Alan and the people that voted that have gotten me here," Brown told Variety.