Airport luggage
Delivering lost airport luggage can see you earn as much as $800 in a single shift. Pixabay/Pexels

One of the most accessible and rewarding side hustles today involves delivering lost luggage for delivery service companies. This gig allows individuals to earn substantial income while maintaining a flexible schedule.

The Process

Customer luggage not picked up at airports is stored by airport staff in a warehouse or storage facility. Third-party delivery service companies then oversee the return of the lost luggage. Those looking for a side hustle can earn money here, as these delivery services assign trips to luggage delivery couriers.

Flexible Work Schedule

As with most side hustles, luggage couriers work as independent contractors, allowing them to set their schedules. Couriers can choose which locations to drive to, providing further flexibility and convenience.

General Job Requirements

While each delivery service has its own set of requirements, some common criteria are necessary across all companies:

  • Age and Driving Licence: You must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid driver's licence with a clean driving record.
  • Smartphone: A smartphone is essential for accessing the delivery service's app for drop-offs and navigation.
  • Vehicle: A reliable vehicle capable of handling the deliveries is required. Some services may prefer specific types of vehicles.
  • Insurance and Registration: Valid insurance and registration for the state where you operate are mandatory.
  • Background Check: Most companies will require you to pass a background check.

Delivery Companies You Can Sign Up With

Senpex: To become a luggage courier for Senpex, you must have over two years of driving experience. You can drive any vehicle, but you'll need to provide your social security number and vehicle details, including a photo of your licence plate. Senpex offers opportunities beyond luggage delivery, allowing drivers to increase their earnings.

Reliable Couriers: Applicants must confirm their vehicle type, availability, and physical ability to handle 50 lbs. A drug test is also required. Reliable Couriers provides various delivery options, ensuring regular work opportunities.

GoShare: This company requires a driving history check, and your vehicle must not be older than 2001. You'll need an iPhone or Android phone and a checking account for direct deposit payments. Note that GoShare's application process can take up to six weeks.

Bags Inc: The application process is straightforward, requiring only a list of places you can operate in. There are no stringent requirements regarding vehicle type or physical capability.

Roadie: Known for its simple application process, Roadie has fewer requirements compared to other services. The company pays drivers daily, which is beneficial for those needing immediate cash.

X-Press Bag: Operates exclusively in Texas. The company offers lucrative earning potential with up to $800 for just four hours of work.

Earnings Potential

Senpex: Offers a flat rate of $23 per hour.

GoShare: Earnings depend on vehicle size. Regular cars, minivans, or SUVs can earn around $45 per hour, while pickup trucks can earn about $70 per hour.

Roadie: Pays $13 for a local drop-off, with potential earnings of up to $650 for multiple stops. The minimum pay per delivery is $8.

X-Press Bag: Potential to earn up to $800 for four hours of work.

Maximising Your Earnings

To maximise earnings, focus on delivering as much as possible. Apply to multiple companies to increase the number of gigs you can take on. Specialise in delivering high-value items like electronics or jewellery to build a reputation as a reliable driver and earn tips.

Be strategic about your routes and the drop-offs you choose to minimise petrol costs and avoid wasting time in traffic. Align your schedule with high-demand periods, such as summer holidays and national holiday weekends, when the volume of lost luggage typically increases.

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