EastEnders Mick Carter
Danny Dyer reveals the Carter family will endure more turmoil in the near future BBC/Kieron McCarron

They're not exactly the poster family for unremitting happiness, but following the Carters' recent struggles – including Lee's depression and Mick and Linda's wedding drama – actor Danny Dyer has revealed that things are about to take an ominous turn for the inauspicious clan.

Tuesday (1 March) night's episode showed Nancy sensationally leaving the Carter household after Lee confessed to sabotaging her chances at getting a dream job, and things are about to get even darker according to Dyer, who plays father Mick. Viewers are set to be left shocked in an upcoming storyline when the couple's baby suffers a fall.

Whilst brother and sister Nancy and Lee argue, little Ollie gets caught up in the altercation and falls from his high chair. "The family are really tested strongly," Dyer told The Mirror. "Me and Kellie [Bright], Mick and Linda are tested parenting-wise. Something happens with Ollie and we have to deal with it as parents."

Danny Dyer has been accused of cheating on the mother of his two children, Joanne Mas, with a 21-year-old student.
Danny Dyer spills the beans on the Carter family's "shocking" new circumstances

The EastEnders actor hinted that the dramatic incident puts a strain on his character Mick and wife Linda's marriage: "We can't quite agree on it and it starts to obviously affect our relationship." Trouble in, er, paradise already?

So the close family will be at loggerheads over the shocking new situation, but whether or not it can break Mick and Linda's bond remains to be seen. Dyer hinted about a future plot twist, divulging: "This story tests us all on a powerful level and people will be quite shocked." He added, "It's going to get dark again, of course it's going to get dark again, that is the game we're in."

Another Walford family will be involved in tumultuous scenes next week, with it being insinuated that a character might be killed off. Gavin Sullivan will be attacked by Claudette Hubbard after he blackmails her, but you'll have to keep watching to find out whether her son Vincent gets dragged into the fracas. We can almost hear the doof doof doofs.