Did Ebola come to Earth from space? Creative Commons

As the deadly Ebola virus spreads across other countries, strange theories how the virus came into being keeps buzzing.

The latest theory from a British engineer is that the virus is alien, and did not originate on Earth.

Ashley Dale, who is pursuing an engineering Phd in Bristol University, claimed that there is a possibility that the deadly bug landed on Earth from space, the Daily Star UK has reported.

"There is always a chance the Ebola virus could have come from outside this planet, at some point during the evolutionary process, " Dale told the newspaper.

"We have meteorites from Mars landing on our planet every year, and we know bacteria can survive the journey. There is every chance Ebola arrived on this planet from somewhere in space," he added.

"Virus particles can also make it through space undamaged, so there is definitely a possibility something could have arrived back in the evolution of the planet that we are seeing now."

Dale told the newspaper that there is every possibility that the virus survived the planet's evolution, which is why it's making its presence feel now.

According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report, the Ebola epidemic has already claimed nearly 1,000 lives in Africa while the tropical disease continues to spread Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

Nigeria and Benin governments have also confirmed there are cases of Ebola in those countries.

Meanwhile, Nigerians are falling victim to a rumour which says that Ebola can be cured by bathing in "hot water and salt".

Around 20 Nigerians have also been hospitalised from eating salt and bitter kola to prevent infection. Despite the Nigerian government issuing warnings that the treatment isn't effective, the rumor is being spread by text message and social media.