A person with a history of travelling to West Africa is currently undergoing tests at a hospital in South Wales for Ebola.

The patient is being tested for the deadly virus at the Royal Glamorgan hospital near Llantrisant after showing symptoms.

The hospital confirmed the patient has a history of travel to West Africa, where Ebola has killed more than 8,000 people.

Dr Gwen Lowe, of Public Health Wales, said: "All precautions in the transport and management of the patient have been adhered to and the individual is currently being cared for in strict isolation pending test results which are expected later today [7 January].

"Based on our established evidence-based risk assessment protocol, we are confident that all appropriate actions are being taken to ensure there is no risk to public health.

"We continue to advise all frontline medical practitioners dealing with patients to be alert to signs and symptoms of Ebola in those returning from affected areas."

Owen Smith, the Shadow Secretary of Health for Wales, said he is being kept informed of the situation.

He added: "I know that the people of Pontypridd will be compassionate and understand the risk to public health is extremely limited.

"I would also like to extend my thanks to the hardworking staff of Royal Glamorgan Hospital, who will no doubt be giving their patient the very best care – as they endeavour to do for all patients."