Here he is, the man with the plan: Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, heading to make that eagerly anticipated announcement at the end of a very first successful day of negotiations at yet another EU summit. Last night European leaders agreed on a financial boost - worth just short of £96.5bn – and a workable plan to stimulate economic growth across the region.

Van Rompuy told the audience "The key element is that we boost the financing of the economy by mobilizing around 120 billion euros for immediate growth matters. A 10 billion euro increase of the capital of European investment banks will increase the banks' overall lending capacity by 60 billion and this money must flow across Europe, not least to the most vulnerable countries and help companies grow themselves out of the crisis"

As you can imagine fears were raised by Italy and Spain – that the package was more skewed towards pushing growth and generating jobs first – instead of looking more closely at steps to reduce high borrowing costs. There's still a worry about how to ease short term pressures there, and that'll be very much up for discussion today.

Written and Presented by Marverine Cole