Edge of Tomorrow Trailer
Tom Cruise is the one man army who is on a mission to eliminate the aliens in order to save Earth Edge of Tomorrow/Facebook

'Live, Die, Repeat' is the mantra in the latest Warner's Brother's science-fiction movie Edge of Tomorrow and Tom Cruise is the one man army who dies again and again to fight the alien species intent to take over planet earth.

Cruise plays Major William Cage, a public relation officer who spent more time in cheering the army than any combat experience.

But things change when the desk-jockey officer was deployed in a deadly mission as part of a punishment to battle an extraterrestrial army that is taking over the planet.

The time-jumping sci-fi thriller is directed by Doug Liman, the same man who delivered cult action movies like The Bourne Identity and Mr & Mrs. Smith.

The trailer features some exquisite stunts performed by the 51-year-old who is seen trapped into a Groundhog Day-type time loop and is getting killed time and again while jumping out of warplanes, getting shot and blown up to name a few.

Major Cage eventually meets Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), a sword-wielding warrior known as 'Full Metal Bitch' who recognises Major Cage's time loop tragedy.

"Come find me when you wake up", she says him before getting blown away by the alien army. Cage did as she told and starts getting trained under her.

Cage finally moulds himself as proper soldier and is ready to fight head-on with the Mimics (alien invaders). The movie has some awesome action sequences including the human army, laden with robot like war attires, being airdropped sans parachute.

Tom Cruise acts like a pro when it comes to alien elimination. This isn't the first time Cruise has quashed the extraterrestrials, do recall his terrific fights in the movie War of the Worlds and Oblivion.

The science-fiction movie also stars Bill Paxton, Laura Pulver and Jeremy Piven and is based on Sakurazaka's award-winning Japanese novel All You Need Is Kill.

The movie is set to release on 6 June this year.

Watch the trailer here.