Islamic State in Sinai Province
Sinai Province propaganda shared by supporters of the Islamic State claiming to show fighters on exercises Social Media

A suicide car bomb detonated by Islamic State (Isis) affiliated militants, has killed six and wounded a further 10 in the Egyptian city of el-Arish, near to where the debris of Kogalymavia flight 7K9268 landed after it broke up over northern Sinai.

Security sources told Reuters the blast targeted a police club in the city. IS has claimed responsibility for the attack following the explosion. The targeting of security services within northern Sinai is tried and tested tactic of Islamic State's Sinai Province, formerly Ansar Bait al-Maqdis.

In January the Jihadi group killed 44 in a series of car bomb and mortar attacks in al-Arish, Sheikh Zuweid and Rafa, near the Israeli border, targeting army and military bases.

Islamic State claimed it had downed the Russian Airbus 321, killing over 200 mostly Russian tourists, in the aftermath of the disaster. However the claims have been met with scepticism by experts and officials.

Intelligence on the weapons systems available to IS in Egypt and CIA satellite imaging of the region at the time of the crash appears to have ruled out the possibility of an air to ground missile. However, evidence has not ruled out the possibility that a sudden mid-air explosion causing the crash.

Egyptian forensic experts who examined the remains of the victmis have said injuries sustained to the bodies appeared to show an explosion and a fire had taken place aboard the plane.