After taking an intravenous drip of vitamins, Rita Sauguniene passed away within hours. Police are investigating the death. The therapy made popular by celebrities has not previously had any known fatalities. The therapist who administered the drip has been arrested as a suspect for manslaughter. It has not been confirmed if the drip was the reason behind Rita's death.

On June 27, Rita underwent a treatment, during which she took vitamins intravenously. Rita's husband Algirdu Sauguniene had gifted Rita the course. Algirdu reportedly paid £400 for the therapy sessions.

The 63-year-old Lithuanian woman returned to her home in Forest Gate, East London after the treatment. Around two hours after the therapy, Rita fell ill and became unconscious. Unable to recover, Rita passed away in her home. Her home was sealed off as a crime scene following the death.

Police are treating the death as "unexplained," The Sun reported. Rita's body was sent for a post-mortem examination. However, the results proved to be inconclusive. While the police have not confirmed that the death was caused by the drip, they have not ruled out the possibility.

Soon after Rita's death, the police arrested Daiva Skackovine, who is thought to have administered the IV treatment. The 54-year-old woman was arrested from her South London home on suspicion of manslaughter. Skackovine does not have a nursing qualification in the United Kingdom, but she claimed that she has nursing experience. She was released on bail until the end of July while the investigation continues.

The police took samples of the substance administered to Rita. It is claimed that the drips were manufactured in Lithuania.

Celebrities like the Kardashians, Adele, and Madonna, have made intravenous (IV) vitamin drips highly popular. While the jury is still out on how safe and useful vitamin IV therapy is, there have not been any fatalities reported. However, the British Nutrition Foundation had issued warnings over the use of the IV drips.

On their website, the organisation pointed out that people get the required vitamins and minerals from their diets. Vitamins and minerals are required by human bodies in trace amounts. An overdose of any vitamin can be harmful. The organisation also emphasized the risks related to the process in which the vitamins and minerals are taken.

Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriquez
Cara Delevingne posted a picture of the couple holding hands while on a vitamin IV drip. Cara Delevingne / Twitter