On Monday, October 12, Brisbane Magistrates Court briefly heard the case of a fetish gone wrong. The accused, Ryan Andrew King, was charged with acts intending to maim, disfigure or disable following the incident in July. The accused met an unnamed man online and the two decided to meet. During the meeting in Brisbane, Australia, King was to remove the man's testicle as part of a "castration fetish." After the procedure went wrong, the police became involved. It was also reported that the police had found a penis and testicles in King's home. The case will be tried at a higher court in November.

An ambulance was called to a backpacker's hostel in Brisbane after a man reportedly had one his testicles removed. The 26-year-old was left bleeding when the wound could not be stitched up. Police got involved and started investigating the bizarre incident. 27-year-old King was arrested for mutilating the Sydney man.

King claimed that he had met the man online. The two had agreed to meet in the hostel to perform the procedure on the man as it was his fetish. The electrician was supposed to anaesthetise the man and remove one of his testicles.

The unqualified "surgeon" reportedly used a Cryopen to remove the genital. Crypoens are used by medical professionals to remove lesions such as warts and benign skin spots.

The procedure was botched as King failed to stitch up the wound properly. The victim was taken to Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital where he received medical attention. His condition was stabilised and he was soon released from the hospital.

News.com.au had reported that after the police arrested King, they raided his apartment in West End, Brisbane. A human penis and two testicles were found in the man's freezer. Queensland Police stated that no complaints had been filed in relation to the genitals found in the freezer. The identity of the person or persons the genitals belonged to was also not revealed by the police.

The trial will continue at Brisbane District Court after outstanding brief material is submitted by the prosecutors. The next hearing is scheduled on November 9.

Brisbane man accused of removing man's testicle as a part of "castration fetish". (representational image) derneuemann, Pixabay derneuemann, Pixabay