In the midst of the ongoing furor over his leadership as Tesla's market value tanks, CEO Elon Musk has appointed someone who tweeted about a fat sheep last year as the company's new social media manager.

The lucky social media user in question is Adam Koszary, whose current job is to manage the social media campaigns for the Museum of English Rural Life (MERL) in Berkshire in the United Kingdom.

On Tuesday, Koszary tweeted he'll be Tesla's new social media manager starting July.

"So I have more news: I'm no longer moving to the Royal Academy. Instead, I'll be Tesla's Social Media Manager from July," tweeted Koszary.

Koszary has a five-word tweet and a black-and-white photo of a hefty sheep (it looks like a ram with curved horns) to thank for his good fortune. On April 9, 2018, Koszary tweeted: "look at this absolute unit."

Elon Musk
A file photo of Tesla CEO Elon Musk speaking during a meeting with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, not shown, at the Zhongnanhai leadership compound on January 9, 2018 in Beijing, China. (Photo: Mark Schiefelbein - Pool/Getty Images)

To Koszary's surprise, his innocuous tweet went viral and became the inspiration for multiple memes. The tweet has been retweeted more than 31,000 times and has more than 1,110,000 likes.

For some reason, Koszary's tweet convinced Musk to change his Twitter profile picture to that of the sheep. Musk also began following the museum's account, which is astounding since he's admitted he only follows 84 other people or institutions.

Koszary tweeted to Musk when he found out what Musk had done. "Excuse us @elonmusk but what," tweeted Koszary. Last April 18, Kaszary tweeted, "Can we put a sheep into space in a car now please it's 2019."

In a dig at Musk, Koszary changed the museum's profile picture to Musk's. Musk returned the favor and tweeted an image of the MERL account with his face on it.

"Two can play at this game," said Musk's tweet a few minutes later.

After only a month, what followed was the news of Koszary's appointment as Tesla's new social media manager.

Koszary later said switching Twitter identities with Musk for a day was "surreal."

"Sitting in a small terraced house in Reading tweeting as a museum pretending to be a multi-billionaire was surreal but a surprisingly easy, and a fun way to spend half the Easter break -- he posts weird stuff, we post weird stuff, it was a good fit except for how we recognize unions and he doesn't," he said.

This article originally appeared in IBTimes US.