Elon Musk-led Boring Company has unveiled the first images of a concept vehicle that could one day slide through tunnels across cities.

The latest images show a prototype electric vehicle that is much bigger than a car and looks like a stylised mini-bus with ample space for passengers to sit, stand and even fit a bicycle. The design resembles a golf car with covered glass enclosures.

In April, the company had released a video showing a network of high-speed tunnels ferrying cars from place to place. It demonstrated how cars like these can run on roads as well as fit into a tight elevator mould that will bring the car down to the tunnel link and release it there.

Musk's company has already started digging subterranean tunnels, which he says is a dependable solution for reducing traffic in future. Currently, the tunnels are only being dug beneath the parking lot of SpaceX's headquarters in LA as of now as Musk will need city permits to build tunnel on public property.

As digging tunnels is notoriously expensive, Musk has said his company can dramatically reduce costs with measures such as reducing the tunnel diameter and building machines that can bore faster.

The concept of underground transportation speeding beyond tube runs was proposed by Musk in 2013 when he talked about the idea of Hyperloop, an underground transport system using train-like compartments and levitation tracks. That idea is currently being taken forward by another company called Hyperloop One.