Months after Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk announced he was digging tunnels in Los Angeles, California, for a futuristic transportation channel, the first look at his Boring Company's underground tunnels has emerged.

First an employee posted a picture of the tunnel showing giant round barrels encompassing a tunnel-like structure. Then Musk released a concept video showing a brief glimpse of how the end product will look like.

The video shows a computer-generated render of a network of underground tunnels that vehicles can access via elevators nested near roadsides. Cars are shown zipping towards their destinations without having to wait in traffic jams like regular roadways.

Musk originally came up with the idea for the concept when he was stuck in LA traffic, which has been rated as one of the worst in the world. He sent out a tweet promising to buy a tunnel boring machine and "just start digging" to make an alternative way to beat the traffic.

People did not take him seriously until in January when he said he will start digging very soon. And now it seems the first evidence of the project coming into shape has emerged.

The tunnels are only being dug beneath the parking lot of SpaceX's headquarters in LA. They most likely do not lead anywhere as of now as Musk will need city permits to tunnel on public property.

Musk has been known in the tech world for spearheading some revolutionary futuristic concepts be it SpaceX's plans to colonise Mars, Tesla's tech to power self-driving cars, or the latest Neuralink's goal of merging our brains with AI.

The Boring Company
The under construction tunnels from The Boring Company Steve Davis Hyperloop