Voter confidence in Theresa May's has tanked as the latest opinion polls reveal her lowest ever approval ratings.

The findings from the pollster Ipsos Mori come amid a turbulent time for the May and her Conservative government.

In recent months, May has been dogged by a series of controversies and scandals.

- Her keynote speech at the Conservative Party conference took a disastrous turn after being confronted by a heckler who handed her a P45, a prolonged coughing fit and the set falling apart behind her.

- Sex scandals involving her deputy Damian Green as well as a wider investigation into the abusive culture at Westminster.

- Two cabinet resignations, Sir Michael Fallon who was implicated in the sex scandal, and Priti Patel who was forced to step down after failing to disclose meetings with Israeli officials.

- All of this on top of the ongoing and tortuous Brexit negotiations have given May a shocking few months.

The new survey found that only 32% of people were satisfied with Theresa May's performance as PM, down five points. Meanwhile, 59% were dissatisfied (up 6%), a net rating of minus -27%.

This compares to Jeremy Corbyn's ratings which have also declined but were 10 points higher than May.

For the political parties, Corbyn's personal lead over May wasn't reflected on a national level with Labour just two points ahead (on 39%) of the Conservatives (37%) in terms of popularity, meaning that should a general election take place today, it could be anyone's game.

Gideon Skinner, head of political research at Ipsos Mori said that despite Labour pulling ahead of the Tories, Corbyn's party were yet "to open up a clear lead on being seen as ready for government".