Empire season 2's upcoming episode will find Lucious Lyon a free man, after the case against him is dismissed. Episode 5 is titled Be True, where singer Ne-Yo guest stars to work with Jamal and Andre decides to get baptised to rid his soul of past sins.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

Over at Lyon Dynasty, Cookie and Anika work together with Laz (guest star Adam Rodriguez) to throw "Cookie Lyon's Block Party," a big event to launch their company, showcase their artists and premiere a signature Dynasty anthem written by Hakeem. Meanwhile, Jamal gets busy working on his music with Ne-Yo (guest star Ne-Yo). Also, Hakeem begins a tender romance with the lead singer of his girl group, and Andre takes steps to rid his soul of past sins in the all-new "Be True" episode of Empire.

A new promo shows Lucious back as the head of Empire as a voice-over declares, "To the top of the Billboard charts, to the balcony of the New York Stock exchange, to a prison cell in Brooklyn, Lucious Lyon has emerged a free man" and we see people cheering.

Co-creator/executive producer Danny Strong says in the video, "Lucious is back as head of Empire, and he wants his rival label to go back. He wants his family back together, much more so that he can control them as oppose to parental love, which doesn't seem to come so easily for Lucious."

"His goal would be to get rid of Lyon Dynasty," Danny Strong teased. The promo shows Andre telling Jamal and Hakeem, "I am getting baptised this Sunday, and I'd appreciate it if you'd both come."

Danny Strong stated that his favourite scene in the episode is the baptism. "When we flash back to, [we see] Lucious was traumatised as a child by his mother, and because of that he is not able to sit through the baptism anymore."

Empire season 2 episode 5 airs Wednesday, 21 October at 9pm EST on Fox Network.