Empire season 3 episode 5
The Lyons return after the World Series in Empire season 3 episode 5 Fox

Fans will not have to wait another week for Empire season 3 to return as the show returns with episode 5 titled, One Before Another on 2 November at 9pm EST on Fox Network.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

Lucious and Andre are on high alert as they wait for Shine to retaliate after their latest business encounter went south. Jamal, who has yet to perform in front of his fans, teams up with Hakeem for a performance that he thinks could help him face his fears. Meanwhile, Cookie is caught off-guard during a routine meeting with her probation officer.

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In the previous episode, Cookie and Angelo made some progress in their relationship, as Lucious and Andre signed Nessa to Empire live music stream by putting a gun to Shine's head.

A promo for the upcoming episode shows Shine and his gang ready for war against the Lyon family. The video voice-over says, "After the World Series, television's number 1 drama returns."

The video shows Andre telling Nessa , "Lucious wants to have a sit down with Shyne," as scene shifts to Shyne and his gang loading up on weapons and declaring, "Lets go kill some Lyons."

Jamal, who is still struggling with PTSD, is seen standing in the empty stage. Lucious tells his son, "You want to help the family, get back on the stage again."

The promo ends with Tariq and his FBI's men raiding Lucious's office. Lucious asks, "Who did this?" Tariq replies, " We are investigating." The one-minute video ends with Shine showing up in Andre's apartment with a gun pointing at the elder Lyon. He says, "Good morning sunshine!"