Policia nacional
The man told police he had been abducted by three men Reuters


  • The man tied himself up and told authorities that he had been abducted by three men.
  • Police discovered that the man had been partying for five days, with drink and drugs.

A Spanish employee who claimed he had been kidnapped by a gang of men had actually been on a five-day drink and drugs binge, police say.

The man, who has not been named, concocted the elaborate story to avoid getting into trouble with his employer.

On Janaury 23, Policia Nacional responded to reports of a kidnapping at a school near Dos Hermanos near Seville. Cleaners attempted to help the man after he arrived at the school gates and told them he had escaped from unidentified captors.

A patrolman visited the scene and found the man still constrained in bridles and was told of his kidnapping ordeal.

The man said he had been approached at a car park by three men who tied him up, placed a hood over him and threw him in the back of a van. He claimed he was then transported to a dark and damp room where the gang repeatedly asked him for money without letting him eat or drink.

The man was sent to hospital for a medical check-up while police attempted to track down the kidnappers by uncovering DNA evidence.

However, police grew suspicious after he repeatedly changed the details of his story under repeated questioning. They contacted friends, family and his employer and were able to ascertain that he had in fact been on an extended partying binge in various locations across the local area.

After confronting him with new evidence, the man admitted that he made the story up in order to avoid difficult questions from his employer.

Police also manged to locate a vehicle belonging to his boss, which the employee claimed had been stolen during the kidnap attempt.

Authorities have arrested the man and charged him with making false statements to police.