• England win the toss and decide to bat first
  • England 42 for 4 after 6 overs
  • England 142 for 7 after 20 overs
  • Ali 41*, Vince 22, Willey 20*
  • Nabi 2/17, Rashid Khan 2/17
  • Afghanistan 28 for 3 after 6 overs
Moeen Ali

That's it from me for the live coverage of England v Afghanistan. Hope you enjoyed our coverage and thanks for joining us. The second match of the day is between India v Bangladesh in Bangalore. We have our live blog of that match and you can follow by clicking the link here.


England's hero Moeen Ali

"Just give ourselves some time. Take it to the last three overs and then have a hack towards the end. They bowled really well and it was difficult. I took some time and thankfully it came off. No matter who was coming on, both [him and Willey] of us decided to go in the 19th over. Today I bowled little bit slow, little bit disappointed but got the crucial wicket. But the important thing is we got the job done."


Moeen Ali's unbeaten 41 and a wicket helped him bag the Man of the Match.



England beat Afghanistan by 15 run


Over 20: Afghanistan 127 for 9: Shafiqullah 35 (20), Shapoor Zadran 0 (0)

FOUR! of the first ball followed by two dot delivers. That is that for Afghanistan. Too little too late but what an innings from Shafiqullah. The fourth ball is also a dot followed by another dot in the fifth. Shafiqullah ends with a flurry. FOUR!! of the last ball and Afghanistan end of 127 runs, 16 off the desired target.


Over 19: Afghanistan 119 for 9: Shafiqullah 27 (14), Shapoor Zadran 0 (0)

And what a blistering end to the innings thanks to some clean hitting by Shafiqullah. A Six and a Four from the over. If only there were wickets to back him up. 24 runs required with only six balls left.


WICKET!!! Amir Hamza run out 1


Over 18: Afghanistan 108 for 8: Shafiqullah 16 (8), Amir Hamza 1 (2)

Only six runs from the over


Over 17: Afghanistan 102 for 8: Shafiqullah 3 (2), Amir Hamza 8 (2)

Stokes continues his second over. FOUR...!!! Shenwari drives through extra cover for a boundary. It is followed by a single. Shafiqullah is now on strike for the second time in this match and he hits it straight to the point. Direct hit and umpire goes up stairs for a review. Luckily he is safe.

WICKET...!!! Shenwari looks to clear the fielder at cover, but a mishit results in a simple catch to Joe Root. England are now smelling victory. Amir Hamza is the new man in the middle. 8 runs off the last 2 balls.


WICKET...!!! Samiullah Shenwari 22 (27) c Root b Stokes


Over 16: Afghanistan 88 for 7: Samiullah Shenwari 17 (24), Shafiqullah 2 (1)

Chris Jordan is brought back into the attack. Shenwari takes a single to third man. A dot ball is followed by a quick single. WIKCET...!!! Najib wanted a quick single after Shenwari just taps the ball as Jordan picks up the ball and hits the stumps. Najib dives to make ground, but during the process, his bat hits the ground and bounces in the air, which results in dismissal.

Shafiqullah is the new man in the middle, but will be at the non strikers end. Shenwari takes a single and then Shafiqullah gets off the mark with a couple.


WICKET...!!! Najibullah Zadran 14 (10) run out


Over 15: Afghanistan 83 for 6: Samiullah Shenwari 15 (21), Najibullah Zadran 13 (8)

Ben Stokes comes into the attack. Shenwari is on strike and takes a single to get Najib on strike. 4 singles and a dot ball in this over. A single to end the over from Shenwari.



Over 14: Afghanistan 77 for 6: Samiullah Shenwari 12 (18), Najibullah Zadran 11 (5)

Moeen Ali is brought back into the attack. Shenwari takes a single and gets Najib on strike, who is the new man. FOUR...!!! Najib pulls the ball towards leg side and the fine leg was inside circle. Bad length from Ali. It is followed by two singles. SIX...!!!Najib smashes it over long on for a six to end the over.


Over 13: Afghanistan 64 for 6: Samiullah Shenwari 10 (16), Najibullah Zadran 0 (1)

Adil Rashid starts his third over with a wide. A dot ball is followed by a lbw appeal and that was turned down by the umpire. Shenwari's square cut helps him get a double, followed by a quick single.

WICKET...!!! Mohammad Nabi looks for a big shot and ends up giving an easy catch to Jordan at long on. Najibullah Zadran is the new man in the middle and is on strike to face the last ball of the over. Starts with a dot ball.


WICKET...!!! Mohammad Nabi 12 (10) c Jordan v Adil Rashid


Over 12: Afghanistan 60 for 5: Mohammad Nabi 12 (9), Samiullah Shenwari 7 (12)

Plunkett continues from the other end. Two runs and a wide off the first two deliveries. Two more singles and Shenwari ends the over with a single. That also ends Plunkett's spell.


Over 11: Afghanistan 54 for 5: Mohammad Nabi 10 (7), Samiullah Shenwari 4 (8)

Adil Rashid continues his second over. Three singles and SIX...!!! Nabi smashes down the ground for a six off the last ball.


Over 10: Afghanistan 45 for 5: , Mohammad Nabi 2 (3), Samiullah Shenwari 3 (6)

Plunkett is brought back into the attack. Shenwari takes a single off the first ball, followed by one more single from Nabi. Shenwari then gets a double after just beating the keeper on leg side, which is called as a leg bye. Ends the over with a single.


Over 9: Afghanistan 40 for 5: , Mohammad Nabi 1 (2), Samiullah Shenwari 1 (1)

Double spin attack as Adil Rashid is introduced by Morgan. Noor Ali gets a couple after hitting it down the ground. It is followed by a quick single. Nabi then takes a single, which helps him get off the mark. Samiullah Shenwari is the new man to replace the opener. Off the mark straight away with a single.


WICKET...!!! Noor Ali Zadran 17 (19) c&b Adil Rashid


Over 8: Afghanistan 35 for 4: Noor Ali Zadran 14 (15), Mohammad Nabi 0 (1)

Mooen Ali s brought into the attack as spin is introduced by England for first time. Rashid Khan takes a single to long off. A misfield from Adil Rashid at short third man helps Noor Ali to get a double. He then takes a single.

WICKET...!!! Rashid Khan looks to clear the fielder inside the 30-yard circle. He fails to do that and ends up giving a catch to Eoin Morgan at cover. Mohammad Nabi replaces him in the middle and is yet to get off the mark.