• West Indies win by four wickets to claim the 2016 T20 World Cup and second title.
  • Carlos Brathwaite hits four sixes from final over off Ben Stokes
  • Marlon Samuels top scores with 85 from 66.
  • England stumble to 155 for 9. Joe Root top scores with 54.
  • Charles Braithwaite and Dwayne Bravo take three wickets apiece as West Indies win the toss and bowl first.
Carlos Brathwaite
Brathwaite hit sixes from the final four balls to claiming the title for the West Indies. Getty Images

Not sure I can remember a more devastating finish to a major sporting final. Carlos Brathwaite hits four sixes in the final over to shock England and Ben Stokes, who looks shell-shocked on the outfield Marlon Samuels was key too with 85, the highest score from any player in a World T20 Final. The West Indies add the men's title to the Under-19s and the women, who beat Australia earlier today. A fabulous event ended in the grand manner.

Well that is all we have time for on this T20 World Cup live text. We hope you have enjoyed our coverage throughout the last three-and-a-half weeks but until next time, goodbye.


19.4 overs: West Indies 161 for 6 - Brathwaite hits Stokes for six.

West Indies win the T20 World Cup.


19.3 overs: West Indies 155 for 6 - Brathwaite hits Stokes for six.


19.2 overs: West Indies 149 for 6 - Brathwaite hits Stokes for six


19.1 overs: West Indies 143 for 6 - Brathwaite hits Stokes for six.


19th over: West Indies 137 for 6 - Chris Jordan is England's specialist at the end but he goes for four and now it is the West Indies who are in the box seat. Samuels is the beneficiary and if he stays in you fancy his side might get home. Singles follow from the next three balls but the West Indies are throwing everything at the ball as Jordan is giving them every opportunity with a few full deliveries. Samuels to the highest T20 World Cup score as he goes to 85. 19 needed from the last over to win the World Cup as Jordan get a crucial dot ball.


18th over: West Indies 129 for 6 - 38 needed from 18 balls. Normally you might consider the batting team to be the favourites but the West Indies have found boundaries hard to come by. Samuels and Brathwaite - via a thunderous strike down the ground - both get two but they need to find the rope. Willey has been superb for England but he ends by going for four as Brathwaite scoops over the top. Figures of 3 for 20 for Willey.


17th over: West Indies 118 for 6 - Interesting to see who England go with at the death. Their depth of bowling options has been a real boost for Morgan. Jordan gets the ball for his penultimate over and surely the West Indies have to go big or go home here. Samuels gets a much-needed four as he gives himself some room outside off-stump. Jordan keeps it tight though, with the help of a brilliant boundary-saving dive from Morgan.


16th over: West Indies 111 for 6 - The momentum has shifted completely towards the West Indies, with 18 from the last over. 52 required from 30 balls. But another wicket for England! David Willey back for his third over and it starts with a huge hit from the powerful Russell to the long boundary which picks out Stokes. Darren Sammy in for a rare appearance with the bat and it doesn't last long as Hales takes the catch at extra cover. In the space of an over the game has turned on its head, again, with two wickets in the over for Willey. Samuels gets two to go to 70, but may his innings be in vain?


WICKET! West Indies 107 for 6: Darren Sammy (2) c Hales b Willey


WICKET! West Indies 104 for 5 - Andre Russell (1) c Stokes b Willey


15th over: West Indies 104 for 4 - Big effort required now but while Samuels remains at the crease anything is possible. He gets a much-needed four with a big heave through mid-on. The West Indies are surely just going to throw caution to the wind now with a defeat looming. Camera pans to Chris Gayle who look uncharacteristically downbeat, and that probably reflects the West Indies' hopes. He will like that one though as Samuels throws his hands at the ball and it flies over the rope from the final two deliveries. Some knock this fro the experienced Samuels.


14th over: West Indies 86 for 4 - Bravo using his second life to full affect as he blasts Rashid into the stands, the only boundary the spinner has gone for in his four overs. Too much variation from Rashid after his first over turned so much. But relief for England and Sam Billings and Bravo takes a massive swipe and finds Root at point. You can't keep this man out of the game.


WICKET! West Indies 86 for 4: Dwayne Bravo 25 c Root b Bravo


13th over: West Indies 76 for 3 - No sixes yet from the West Indies and it it nearly two overs since a boundary of any sort. Two big overs can change that but Stokes is giving nothing away as Bravo again rotates the strike. Big moment now as Bravo goes big and Sam Billings, the substitute fielder, drops the all-rounder and to compound the mistake the ball runs for four. Has he dropped the World Cup? Billing, on for Alex Hales, seems to slip as the ball came his way. Stokes having issues with sweat and losing control but the West Indies can't take advantage.


12th over: West Indies 66 for 3 - England have lost all four of their previous T20 meetings with the West Indies and they need a wicket here to help end that run. It is Rashid with his third over and though he has been very tight, a scalp would be excellent for the England cause. Bravo happy to rotate the strike and this has been a very uncharacteristic performance from the West Indies, though perhaps the power will come later. Required rate now above 11-an-over.


11th over: West Indies 54 for 3 - England lead by 13 runs in the head-to-head and the required rate is above 10 an over, but seven wickets are in hand. Samuels makes it less than 100 to win with a four behind square. Bravo and Samuels reach their fifty partnership and this has been so crucial in keeping the game alive for the West Indies, but they have to go on. Stokes ends the over with another dot ball, of which there have been countless.


10th over: West Indies 54 for 3 - The required rate is above 9-and-a-half runs an over and with Gayle gone a big effort is required in the second half of this innings. Rashid is back and Bravo eases him through cover for one. Interesting that the West Indies are not pushing a second run, though admittedly it is not the biggest outfield. Just four from the over as Rashid continues to cause problems.


Ninth over: West Indies 50 for 3 - A much-needed boundary, the first for 15 balls, gives Samuels four but in unfortunate circumstances as he squirts it through his legs. Bravo has been very considered and after Plunkett gets his radar askew he gets a single as the West Indies go to fifty.


Eighth over: West Indies 43 for 3 - Adil Rashid into the attack and a first look at England's front-line spinner, though maybe I am doing a disservice to Joe Root? Bravo get one from the first three deliveries, the second one of which turns a mile. Encouragement for England and Ali might be into the attack very quickly. Morgan brings a catcher in and the West Indies play the rest of the over out cautiously.


Seventh over: West Indies 39 for 3 - Drama in Kokata as Marlon Samuels is given out before being recall as his edge clearly touched the floor before being claimed by Jos Buttler. Reprieve for the West Indies and how significant could that be? Plunkett comes back well though after being denied a wicket and just two comes from the over.


Sixth over: West Indies 37 for 3 - Final over of the powerplay and the West Indies need to cash in. Samuels does just that with successive fours off Jordan from balls short of a length, the second top edged over Buttler. He adds two more before another boundary from a half-volley outside off-stump. West Indies end with 36 from the powerplay, and despite losing three wickets ahead of England after six overs.


Fifth over: West Indies 21 for 3 - Liam Plunkett with the ball now as Morgan varies up the pace. Three dot balls can always create pressure but Samuels does get the ball away for a single from a miss-field, which England can ill-afford when defending a small total. Just three from the over in the end as the West Indies continue to re-build.


Fourth over: West Indies 18 for 3 - This is now a match fitting of the occasion and the West Indies need to show the character which got them to this final, and saw them win the title in 2012. Bravo gets a couple of singles as Jordan gets his length spot on, going short to the all-rounder. Just five from the over. Required rate already approaching nine an over.