The High Court in Glasgow found 23-year-old Keith Rizzo guilty for the murder of his partner, Neomi Smith. Rizzo beat up, strangled and stabbed Smith to death. Rizzo lied to the police multiple times in an effort to cover up his crime. It was later discovered that Rizzo had attacked Smith because he had seen her dancing with another man in a pub. Rizzo has been sentenced to life in prison.

The 23-year-old care worker was brutally attacked and murdered on June 9, 2019. On the night of the attack, Rizzo went to their neighbour and claimed that Smith had been attacked by unknown assailants. He claimed that he was taking a shower. Neighbour Stephen Alexander called 999 and tried to resuscitate Smith. Paramedic Angela McKenzie told the court that the apartment looked like a scene from a horror movie and the victim's neck was riddled with puncture wounds.

When the police questioned Rizzo, he claimed that he was in the shower when he heard Smith arguing with someone. He claimed that he came out to find an unknown man stabbing her. He then changed his story stating that two men attacked Smith over money that was owed to them.

However, the couple's friends, Cameron Saunders and Kayleigh Cameron's statements helped the police piece together the events leading to Smith's death. Saunders told the court that the couple was at Brechin's Hudson's Bar where Smith was dancing with another man. Rizzo got upset at Smith's actions and stormed out of the pub.

Cameron was worried about Smith's safety since Rizzo had a history of verbally and physically assaulting his partners. Before being in a relationship with the 23-year-old care worker, Rizzo had been convicted for domestic abuse of his previous partner, the Scottish Sun reported.

The court heard that Smith told her friend she would lock the door and leave the key in so that Rizzo would not enter their flat in Brechin, Angus. Rizzo managed to break into their apartment where he first strangled Smith. He then used two knives to stab Smith 32 times. He also beat Smith, inflicting significant blunt force trauma to her body.

The high court convicted Rizzo last month for Smith's murder. Yesterday he was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 22 years.

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