A video which shows a babysitter and her boyfriend placing a toddler in a tumble-dryer and panicking as it automatically begins a cycle.

The video, titled Epic Parenting Fail at a Laundromat, has gone viral after notching up nearly 700,000 hits on YouTube.

The uploader, xkaminodougue, claims that the child is ok and was treated in hospital with only a few bruises.

An update on the video claims: "Just received an update from the police, these guys are NOT the parents, the girl in the video is apparently the babysitter, and the guy is her friend. This babysitter is going to get fired. The parents are going to be pissed when they see this video."

It would appear the male in the video didn't mean anything malicious by his actions but put the child in the dryer "as a joke".

Both adults in the situation panic and attempt to get him out when the auto-lock on the dryer door activates a fresh cycle.

The power was shut off after they alerted the attendant to the issue which allowed them to remove him from harm.

They then both make a quick exit, reportedly straight to the hospital.