The Japanese Cabinet Office Disaster Management Team has released a video warning citizens of the potential destruction two predicted earthquakes could cause to the country. The computer-generated footage shows scenes of what may happen should a 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit the capital, Tokyo.

The cabinet office estimates that 23,000 people would die in the tremors and subsequent fires - with 610,000 buildings being destroyed, especially in residential areas where wooden buildings would be consumed by flames.

After such a disaster, 90% of phone networks are predicted to have collapsed and half of Tokyo's residents are expected to be without water.

Should that earthquake take place, the cabinet office thinks it would cost 95 trillion yen (£720 billion) in economic damage.

A second video shows what would happen if a Nankai Trough Quake hits off the coast of nothern and central Japan. Reports say there is a 70% chance of this taking place in the next 30 years. A tsunami triggered by the quake would cause massive destruction, an estimated 323,000 would be killed and the economic damage would run to 215 trillion yen (£1.6 trillion).

The video concludes saying that deaths would decrease if homes are built to the state's earthquake-proof regulation standards and that citizens should keep at least three days of emergency food and water at all times.