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Activists and residents say Ethiopia has shut down internet access across the country amid fear of leaks during school exams.

The cut that began Tuesday (30 May) has affected the entire East African country, with the exception of a few offices inside the African Union and United Nations.

Some Ethiopians abroad are expressing anger, saying they are not able to communicate with loved ones back home.

Ethiopian government officials were not immediately available to comment.

University lecturer and blogger Seyoum Teshome says the shutdown shows a breach of trust between the government and members of the public.

Ethiopia also shut down internet access in May 2016 after school exam papers appeared online. The exams were then postponed.

More than a million students are taking this year's exams, which are scheduled to continue through June 8.

Ethiopia has the 12th lowest internet penetration rate of any country on the planet, with only 4.2 % of its population having regular access.