The European Parliament in Strasbourg has approved the new European Commission to be headed by Jean-Claude Juncker.

Juncker's Commission received 423 votes in favour, with 209 members voting against, with 67 abstentions.

The incoming EU executive is set to take office in November on schedule. The 28-member body has been approved after a series of negotiations over its make-up in recent days.

The Commission is responsible for drafting European laws and EU rules, while it also oversees national budgets.

The team features one official from each of the nation states belonging to the European Union.

Juncker is a former prime minister of Luxembourg and hails from the EU's main centre-right European People's Party. The bloc triumphed in May's European elections.

Juncker has already stamped his mark on the role before taking office, establishing the post of first vice-president. EU veteran Frans Timmermans was appointed to the newly-created role.