Nicola Sturgeon, Boris Johnson
Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson Getty Images

Brexit campaigner Boris Johnson will be the only male politician on ITV's EU referendum debate on 9 June, the broadcaster has revealed. The former Mayor of London will be joined on the Leave side by German-born Labour MP Gisela Stuart and Conservative minister Andrea Leadsom.

The Eurosceptics will face First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, shadow business secretary Angela Eagle and Tory cabinet minister Amber Rudd. The live programme, which will be moderated by ITV News' Julie Etchingham, will air between 8 and 10pm BST.

The two-hour-long debate will face questions from the studio audience, followed by what the organisers have billed as a "free-flowing debate". ITV is asking people to submit questions to the top politicians via email at

The show will air two days after ITV's first EU referendum programme on 7 June. The one-hour format will see the pro-EU Prime Minister David Cameron and Ukip leader Nigel Farage answer questions from a studio audience.

The event comes after Cameron's appearance on Sky News' own EU referendum programme, which saw one audience member accuse the Conservative leader of "waffling". Justice Secretary Michael Gove also faced the same format and was forced to stress that he supports a "multicultural, multiracial, multi-faith society" after Vote Leave backed an Australian-style points system.

The BBC is expected to air its own live EU referendum shows nearer to the 23 June vote, with a debate planned at the SSE Arena, Wembley, on 21 June. The programme, hosted by David Dimbleby, Emily Maitlis and Mishal Husain, will start at 8pm and will feature yet-to-be-named senior politicians from both sides of the EU referendum campaign.